Universities 'handing out unconditional offers like confetti' – sixth form principal says

The principal of a Brighton and Hove sixth form has said universities are handing out unconditional offers like ‘confetti’. This comes as Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) announced it had achieved its best ever A-Level results yesterday (August 16), despite more difficult exams. William Baldwin, principal of BHASVIC, said: “Universities pressed for change in A-Level delivery, they said A-Levels weren’t preparing students for higher education which is why the government move

The best vintage shops in Brighton & Hove | BN1

Getting a garment for a third of its retail price is something we should all be aspiring to do, not only is it cheap but it can also be used as a bragging right to your friends. Seeing your friend rock up to an event wearing their new outfit which was purchased for hundreds of pounds online is just too easy of a target. When your whole outfit costs less than £60 and looks ten times better, you can both come to the conclusion that you’ve been the smart one in this situation. This short article wi

Chairs – the true art form

Chairs, one of life’s…well, rather overlooked inventions. We rely on them every day but rarely think about them – instead we take them for granted. After all, how can something as mundane as a chair be transformed into intellectual art? Spend some time at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and you may withdraw your initial assumptions. Located at the entrance of The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, the 20th- Century Art and Design section can be located. At first glance, the collection of

A-Levels: Record-breaking results for BHASVIC

Sorry, we're having problems with our video player at the moment, but are working to fix it as soon as we can One Brighton and Hove sixth form is celebrating record-breaking results this morning (August 16), as 90 per cent of grades were A* to C. Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) recorded an overall pass rate of 99.4 per cent (up 0.9 per cent on the previous year). Of the 3,374 A levels sat, 15.6 per cent of grades were A* – way above the national average which was 8.3 per

Bready Delights – an authentic taste of Jamaica

A hidden gem in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world – Bready Delights, the food truck of all food trucks. Having lived in Brighton for 14 years, proprietor and chef Kevin Sappleton, 42, has managed to make his mark on the Brighton street-food scene. There is a wide variety available, from aromatic Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat, to sweet plantains and moreish Jamaican dumplings. Mr Sappleton said: “Parts of so many countries and generations have made Jamaican fo

Council criticised over late rubbish collections

Brighton and Hove City Council has apologised over the ‘terrible inconvenience’ caused to residents by late bin collections. It said the issues were caused by a temporary shortage of drivers as a result of ‘annual leave and sudden sickness’. Last week Maunie Catcheside posted pictures on Twitter of huge piles of rubbish left in the streets in Hove. Related stories: Petition over missed bin collections in Brighton and Hove Miss Catcheside said: “It’s been days since the communal bins in centr

Food challenges Brighton - where gloryhunters stuff their faces

A food challenge, something so ridiculous yet so alluring; all sorts of people are drawn from around the world for what’s considered to be an impossible challenge. Since Man vs Food rose to prominence, the world has since been encapsulated in all things related to a food challenge and Brighton has since followed this trend. The following challenges are considered to be the best… sorry, what am I saying, I mean the most strenuous, challenging and excruciating challenges in Brighton. 5) THE YATES